How to change default remote : Git

Sometimes, there might be multiple remote links for a repository we are working with locally.

One of them will be picked as default.

Let’s say:
Link 1: A github link
Link 2: A BitBucket link

If I want to change from my default remote(Link 2) to Link 1.

git push -u Link-1 branchname

How to connect the remote repository if its name changed

There may be a possibility that the remote repository (GitHub/BitBucket) got its name changed.

Then, our local repository will give an error, as remote repository not found , when we try to pull/push to remote.

For that, navigate to the .git folder(hidden) and edit the config file.

As you can see the section [remote “origin”] (Can have multiple remotes.).Just change the remote url we want.

Windows 10 LockScreen files

Windows 10, has option to download files from Microsoft site and display us daily with new screens.

There are sometimes, where we like the screen and want to use it as desktop background or share it to other persons/devices.

The local path where the background files are stored is provided at the registry key.

Key Name:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Lock Screen\Creative

String2: PortraitAssetPath


Later add extension as .png to the files copied from the above location.

Some sample wallpapers.

Download Link



How to change CA Harvest server or broker name?

o the CA Harvest installed server, we are connecting with CA Harvest client/workbench with either machine name or IP Address.

Recently, we changed the machine name of the server (windows server 2008 R2).

Then after, the Harvest is not connecting.

When we check the broker service on the server, it is not running.

When we tried to start, we are getting error as


When I checked the eventviewer, it is showing as sufficient storage not available, but we have more than sufficient RAM and Hard disk free space.


Any suggestions how to resolve this and what are the steps need to be followed when we want to change the server name.

The solution for this is to change/set environment variable RT_FORCE_NODE_NAME to the new machine name.

Harvest communication component (PEC) uses the hostname command hostname command to resolve the broker node name.

If, for some reason, your system is not able to do that you will have to use the RT_FORCE_NODE_NAME environment variable.

If a Fully Qualified Domain Name is mandatory on you infrastructure you will have to configure Harvest to support it.

Reference:  Link 1 Link 2

How to get GitHub Public repos list

We can get the public repos list by going through the URL of Organization and selecting the public repos in the drop-down.

Or navigating to the URL. 

Sample URL with Organization replaced with [OrgName]


But for Automation purpose, we can get the details as JSON data from GitHub API

Just navigate to this URL to get Json data of organization.

Sample URL with Organization replaced with [OrgName]


In Automation, we can’t use browsers to navigate, but with curl commands.
For Linux, curl will be installed with machine.
For Windows, Check the Git Installation folder.

As we need only public details, don’t need to provide the credentials.
If you provide credentials, you will get private details also in the json data.

I am showing both commands below.

With credentials: [username]:[password]
curl.exe --user "[username]:[password]"[orgname]

Without credentials:


You can see the json field as below in the output generated:

"public_repos": 0,


For Powershell Script sample: Powershell Script

Postgresql remote access

Download the complete post as document:  PDF Download

By default, Postgrel sql database can be accessed only from the server/workstation where the Database is installed.

To make is accessible from other machines in the network, we need do add a line to the file pg_hba.conf

File Location:

C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.6\data\pg_hba.conf


Line to be added at the end of file:

# IPv4 Local Network connections:
host    all             all               md5


And restart the database installed machine(Not mandatory, but recommended)

Now, you can connect from network machines using the IP Address or Machine name.


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