Enable or Disable projects in Jenkins

By default, you don’t have any option to enable/disable a job or project in Jenkins.

The default view will be like this.


If you observe, there is no disable/enable option.

To make it available, install the Extra Columns Plugin

Then create a new view of type “List View” and select your projects, then click on add column and select the below one.


This will give you a button to enable/disable the project in the view created.



Remote Desktop not connecting but able to ping

Sometimes, even if the remote machine is working with ping command but we won’t be able to connect it when we try to connect with mstsc (Remote Desktop Connection).

First and Foremost, check whether below setting is enabled in system properties -> Remote Settings.


If it is already enabled then check whether below firewall inbound rules are enabled.


Then it should work.

You should disable the firewall if it is a test machine 🙂

If you still not able to do that, then you need to check the network settings for the Antivirus installed on the remote machine.

For example, In eset Nod32 antivurs, we have option called personal firewall which should be configured properly or disabled.

Git Remote end Hung Up error

When you get a remote hung up error while trying to push the local repository to GitHub server, 2 cases arises.

1. Your local network issues.
2. GitHub upload size limit.

For the first case, to have a resume option, you can use the tool like Sourcetree.
For the second case, even though the individual file size limit is maintained, there is a size limit for pushing the repository but not one the complete code size.
The limit is 2 GB now.
If your repository is of more size.Then we can push in partitions.

This option is available with the help of below command, where the number of commits to be published are limited only till the commit code we specify.

git push <repo_name> <commit ID>:refs/heads/<branch_name>

Let’s say we have 1000 commits and we specify the 50th commit, then the commits from 1 to 50 will be pushed and later are skipped, if we specify the 150th commit later, then as already 50 commits are pushed, the commit range 51 to 150 will be pushed.


How to exclude all the files except files starting with a name in the Git or GitHub

In the GIT project, I have many .sql files in it related to different databases.

Is there anyway I can exclude all the files except the files starting with “Hive_” in my Git Project.
Is there anyway to do so in .gitignore file.
Through .gitignore I can exclude the files list.
But the current requirement is reverse here, I want to exclude everything except files starting with specific characters.
To do that.
Create a .gitignore file in the root folder of the repository.
The .gitignore contents:

# excluded all files

# except all files prefixed with Hive_